Where in the World is George Hammond?


For years, he's helped his people:

Been a source of inspiration for all

And literally held it all together

But now, now George is ready for some time off. So he's packed up his old kit bag and headed off to parts unknown.


He met up with his old love, Ruby, they got married, went on a honeymoon and now travel the country, and even the world together.

Here are their adventures:

Their honeymoon trip up the west coast to Canada.

A vacation in Nebraska

A tour of the American South West, 2005

Summer 2006, various places in Kansas and Shore Leave con in Maryland

George and Ruby's European Vacation, 2006

George and Ruby's Colorado Vacation, 2007

Other stops over the years

My sincerest thanks to the mother of the groom, and to Sesa for graciously giving this site a home.

For those playing catchup, the Reunion and Wedding (warning, the files are rather large, please wait for them to load)

Legal Stuff (and the picture of Don with his 'son')

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