Where in the World is George Hammond?

George and Ruby's European Vacation

Riding the bus from Heathrow to the Renaissance

The Lounge at the Renaissance

Sneaking on stage at AT2

Riding the tube sight seeing

Gotta check on the Queen

Too bad, she wasn't in or George could have joined her for tea

Big Ben and Parliament

Riding the London Eye

The Tower Bridge

Overlooking the Thames

The Tower of London

They find a big friend

The Tower

Picadilly Circus

Trafalgar Square

St Paul's Cathedral

Overlooking London from St Paul's

Trafalgar Square

Outside Westminster Abby

Outside Sherlock Holmes' House

In his parlour

The Rosetta Stone in the British Museum

Meeting up with some friends at a pub

What a daunting task

But Elliot is up to the challenge

George meets a new friend

Glastonbury Tor

Wells Cathedral


Colorado, June 2007